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There are a lot of popular social networking sites that people spend hours on. Some examples are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkdIn. Most of these sites have different purposes. Facebook is meant for connecting to people that you actually know. Twitter is for short, status-like messages and for following popular people such as celebrities and artists. Linkdin is mostly for professional use. Now, if you want something new, you should join Clikaus. It promises nothing less than fun, fun, and fun!

While other social media sites cater to specific needs, Clikaus has everything that you need and everything that you are interested in covered. It is perfect for professional use just like Linkdin. It is great for business owners too. It is a great site for those who are just looking for something fun to do. It has a lot of entertaining contents no matter what your interests are. It also allows content sharing just like any other social networking site. It may be accurately described as the well-rounded social network.

Communications and Relations

Experiences, communications, and relations make the human life extra colorful. These three add special spices to a person’s life. This is one of the things that Clikaus is popular for. It offers communication solutions that starts, builds, and strengthens relationships. This online social network allows a person to connect to other site members. It has free electronic mail service feature, instant messaging, audio chat, and video chat. It has everything that one could ever need to connect to old friends and make new ones.


Clikaus is highly interactive. Members can share contents, post comments, add videos to a post, place a vote, give points to other members, and rate different social activity. Contents may also be posted in other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr. This is done through a click of your mouse.


One of the best parts of relationships is sharing. This is actually why most sites are popular. Even though two or more persons are from different locations, they can share experiences and updates with each other because of the “sharing” feature of different social media sites. Clikaus also knows how important the “sharing” feature is. In the site, you can upload your photos, your videos, and even your audio recordings. Using your webcam, you can also take photos, capture videos, and record sounds or audio then share it on Clikaus.


You can easily find your Clikaus friends through the top menu. You can also look up their Clikaus ID if you know their IDs. If not, there’s no need to worry as you can still look them up with their names. You may also check your matches and check suggestions.


There are different categories of interests available in Clikaus. Members can easily browse through the contents in any of these categories. Advertisers can actually post on different classifieds in these categories. No matter what you are interested in, you will find it in Clikaus. These are some of the most popular categories in this online social network:

Cars for sale. Look for the best available rides. Cars of different sizes, colors, models, and makes are available in this category.

Casting calls. If you want to find your perfect break to show business, you may find your perfect opportunity in this category. Great things start from small beginnings and one casting call in Clikaus may even end in your star at the Hollywood Boulevard.

Music Exchange. A lot of people wish that they can live in a musical. They have the perfect song for each of the most important events in their lives. Get to share music with other Clikaus members in this category.

For Sale. Online shopping is definitely more convenient and more practical than conventional shopping. Clikaus is one of the social networking sites where you can chat, listen, watch, shop, and have fun all at the same time.

Personals. Browse through different posts in this category and you might find a kindred soul. It contains a lot of entries that will possibly catch your interest.

Housing and Rentals. If you are looking for your dream house, then you should check this category out.

Services. If you need something from cleaning, to carwash and other services, you will find it in this category. Clikaus makes life more convenient for you as the service that you need is now just a few mouse clicks away.

The best thing about the ads in this online social network is that you can click on the Google map to see where the member who posted the ad is located. It is a feature that allows you to narrow down your choices to offers located near you.

Groups and Groupies

You may create your own group so you can choose who gets to join or you can join a group of people with the same interest as yours. It makes making new friends a lot easier as you get to connect with people with a common interest. It is a great way to start a friendship, a good foundation to build a relationship on, and it makes learning and sharing experiences more fun.


You can start a new topic or participate in interesting discussions in the site which makes Clikaus different from other social networking sites. It is perfect for those who love sharing as much as they love learning. There are a lot of discussions about different topics in the forums. The forums also have a lot of features that make starting and joining in discussions more fun and productive.

Let the numbers speak for the site. Now, Clikaus has almost five thousand registered members, almost two thousand blog posts, more than six hundred photos, and a lot of other contents. It gives you full control of your account and profile. Manage what you see and what other members see. You’re definitely the boss at Clikaus, the newest and the best online social network.

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